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Because life is made of Great Opportunities… GO! has available many services in the areas of Leisure & Heritage.

We’re available everyday, all year round, to let you know everything about our country and our city in a fun and constructive way! Because more than seeing, we have the dutie to understand our Heritage… so we can experience it 100%!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us!

These are the Great Opportunities we provide:

♠ Tours & Sightseeing – Inserted in the initiative “GO!walks” (Walking tours) these routes allow you to visit the city that will surprise you more in Portugal: Coimbra!

♠ Groups – Enjoy unique cultural moments in a tour for a group, visiting the historical center of Coimbra, or have fun with your family, friends or colleagues! During the day or at night!

♠ Around Coimbra – Because Portugal has so much to discover and experience, we leave you with the best suggested itineraries/tours linked to the memory of Coimbra’s History.

♠ Tailors – We are specialized in Leisure & Heritage in Portuguese territory! Do not hesitate to contact us if you intend to plan your holiday or just a relaxed weekend getaway, either alone or accompanied in Portugal! We give you the best suggestions for tours and help you build a single journey through “Lusitanian Lands”.

♠ Gifts – Inspired by the Portuguese Heritage, whether tangible or intangible, we provide the best products that you can offer someone special… or yourself! With a unique design created by illustrator Selma Pimentel.

♠ Rent-a-Locker – We have available a rent-a-locker system at our meeting point, CASA MEDIEVAL! If you have your luggage with you and want to keep it in a place safe while visiting the city, please request this service!

Tours & Sightseeing in Portugal